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The author, Art Klein is an ordained minister, four times Book of the Month Club author and nationally designated prayer leader for the Reformed Church in America.

His first work about Jesus, Spinning Jesus, became an off - Broadway theatrical production, Prophecy of Isaiah.

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Proof About Jesus.com is the home page of the book, Proof That Jesus is God, A Logic-of-Scripture Approach to Documenting the Divinity of Christ, and of course you can order the book here.  But we have made it more than that.  We bring you other related items of interest such as Christian music, quizzes, videos and art, opportunities for discussions and much more.  Please visit often as we grow.

From Friends of Proof
"I will be praying that this
book will be a great success"

~Rev Bill Strayer,   Senior Pastor
Cavalry Chapel Worship Center, New Port Richey, FL

"I occasionally find myself questioning my faith.  During these moments, the thoughts presented in this book reinforce that the story of Jesus is true and I find my faith strengthened. 
This is a must read!

~Vincent R. Christofora, Jr., Member
 St. John’s Roman Catholic  Church, Woodstock, NY

"Art Klein displays the truth by refuting the negatives which come from human thinking, by speaking in today’s vernacular.  I found this a fascinating read from a very different approach—a wonderful balance of faith and reason."

~Annette Wolfer
Ascension Lutheran Church, Littleton, CO


"The world needs to read this book!

~Rev. Vicky L. Eastland, Pastor
First Reformed Church of Catskill

“You owe it to yourself to read this book.”
-Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman, Senior Pastor, Crystal Cathedral 
Why are pastors with churches from 20 to 20,000 members praising a book from an unknown minister and a start-up Christian Press?

And why is this book, Proof that Jesus Is God, by Art Klein, rapidly becoming a hot topic among lay people, both the devout and those with doubt?

“Its approach of logic and common sense is right for today’s culture.   I love this book.”
Rev Chris Hurta, Campus Pastor
Hill Country Bible Church, Austin TX

his unique, fascinating and easy-to-understand book connects the logic of God’s Word with the logic of human minds. The result? Doubters and
nonbelievers blink and think. Believers strengthen their faith and are better able to preach the good news.

Other defenses of Christianity quote theologians and historians. Proof that Jesus Is God quotes the ultimate source, God. It reveals the truth of the Gospels in an enjoyable way. Readers are saying: “I totally get it... Jesus IS the Son of God!”

  • If you’re a believer, you’ll likely find it warms and reinforces your faith, strengthening your ability to reach out to others.
  • If you’re a doubter or one who has strayed from faith, this book may draw you back and replace doubt with conviction.
  • If you’re a skeptic or nonbeliever, you may still find its straightforward style and content from the “primary” source... the Bible, provides interesting food for thought.
"Proof that Jesus Is God is a must read
for believers and skeptics alike.”

Dr Gary Tryzbiak, Co-Founder and President              
Colorado Theological Seminary              
Pushback for Jesus

Please visit the section: PushBackforJesus. This site is dedicated to the premise that Christianity is under attack, perhaps as it hasn't been since its earliest days.  Christians are the last politically correct target in today's society.  In some places, they also are targets of torture and murder.  We believe that must change.  So we think it's time for Christians to Push Back for Jesus.   What do you think?